Solutions & Services

We live in an intelligent, connected world. The number of devices (s) connected to the Internet is already higher than the total number of people on our planet.

A connected car, for example, provides music streaming and access to social networks for passengers. It also proposes alternative routes in real time, keeping the driver away from traffic jams. Also practical: many apps can be remotely controlled via app.

The Internet of Things barely stops. Assistance systems take over the parking for us even without connection to the Internet.


Almost everything we surround and deal with is based on mobile applications. If you want to eat a pizza, order it online using apps. If you want to change your friend emoji , the suitable FutureApp will help you.


Improving Health Care

Inpatient care for patients in hospitals is the largest cost block in healthcare.

Therefore, many efforts are aimed at providing the patients with home care as long as possible.

FutureApp is developing new innovative home-based IOT solutions to improve life and health.

The solutions are designed to professionally protect old and sick people in the home environment through intelligent products and services.

Industry 4.0 through innovative solutions

The topic of Industry 4.0 presents enormous challenges for many companies. Not only does the company's own IT have to be "geared" to it, it also has to provide appropriate interfaces for the connection of the various components, sensors and IOTs. Another relevant topic is the "New Generation of Security" point for all industry 4.0 solutions companies face.


IOT Development

Business processes along the entire value chain are completely digitized, encrypted, automated and optimized by us. The customer loyalty is greatly expanded and strengthened by our new IOT solutions, at the same time new business models are being established.

Safety & Security-Solutions

Both in the private sector, as well as in business, there are countless points of contact with enormous security needs. Intelligent Safetey & Security solutions help with surveillance and security in man and machine.



Our goal in AI solutions is to find hidden patterns in databases by means of different analysis, evaluation and correction methods in order to generate forecasts, evaluations and classifications and to make decisions.


As an experienced team we "hate" elaborate manual activities. It's always amazing how much a few lines of program code can move and optimize. You just have to keep your eyes and mind open and see where there is room for improvement.


Social Media-Solution

Gaining new customers and increasing customer loyalty to existing customers. We use media structures such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. and develop media applications for lasting success for your target groups.